Benefits of trt

If you test out as deficient in testosterone, or if you have symptoms of low testosterone, you likely want to do something about it. There are definitely over-the-counter supplements designed for this very purpose. ( Alpha Male® and Tribex® are the most potent.) And while effective, they're best used by healthy younger men who want a boost in T levels for bodybuilding purposes. They probably aren't the best choice for men who are clinically low and who've made the choice to undergo what's usually a lifetime commitment to testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT.

5.  Improving Your Omega-3/Omega-6 Ratio .  Many of you know that some of our standard plant-based oils, such as sunflower, are high in omega-6's and can lead to inflammation.  Flaxseed is completely different, however, as it is packed with alpha-linolenic acid, which your body converts into the all-important omega-3's DHA and EPA.  Many guys feel noticably better when consuming flaxseed and this is probably the reason why.  Our bodies were meant to consume a very low omega-6 to omega-3 ratio - Dr. Greger says 4:1 is probably the safe maximum - and flaxseed can help you greatly improve this ratio. 

Benefits of trt

benefits of trt


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