Best eq stack

I think the premise behind the cycle is very sound. I think that masteron and EQ is a very good combo. I don't know why the other guys are saying to replace the masteron with tren, or even add tren for that matter because masteron is damn near as androgenic as tren. EQ is also regarded as an excellent dieting drug due to it's anticatabolic properties, very similar to winstrol. I don't think that you need to add test to this cycle because masteron being a DHT derivitive should provide an increase in libido, proviron also does a ridiculous job with this. About the only thing I agree with the other fellas about is the fact that you need to run the EQ for longer. I would also suggest that you bump up your dosages because this cycle is pretty damn light if you ask me. There will be no estrogenic problems with this cycle and the proviron would take care of them if there were any. I don't see the need for novla post cycle as the clomid and adex would be more than sufficient. Hopefully this helps however I do like your choice of drugs and want to know how it goes.

Compression – This is by far the biggest thing I do on my vocal groups.  I tend to go for a more compressed sound because I don’t like my background vocals to be very dynamic.  I want them to kind of get lost in the background and have your ear gravitate towards the lead; compressing generously tends to help me reach that goal.  If you want numbers I’m probably taking out -6 dB’s (maybe more) and a fast attack with a medium to long release.  Compressing heavily also helps to squeeze all the background tracks together, fusing them into one big fat vocal chord.

Best eq stack

best eq stack


best eq stackbest eq stackbest eq stackbest eq stackbest eq stack