Bovine testosterone

Implus is a cattle steroid implants that bodybuilders have utilized in the attempt to get muscle building steroids. Implus comes in a rotary cartridge that contains 20 pellets per cartridge with 5 cartridges in a box. Each pellet is 3" in length and contains 200 mgs. of testosterone propionate as well as 20 mgs. of estradiol benzoate. The estradiol is added to the product to increase size in cattle. Implus is a drug intended for veterinarian use in cattle to increase weight gain and feed efficiency. Implus is identical to Syno-H except that there are twice the amount of pellets in one cartridge. This is probable due to the fact that most people are only aware of Finaplix and Syno' as a rule.

The unfortunate side to using this for athletic gains is that it contains estradiol which will cause big time gyno if it is left in the product and used as is. As far as side effects go, the estradiol from the pellets is going to give you gyno, which you don't want to have. These are also not the most sanitary things either. Keep in mind that these were made for animals and there is not near the precautions taken when making these as there is with medicine. The other side effects are the same as with testosterone propionate - may cause stomach upset, headache, and acne. Other side effects may include increased hair growth on the face and body, male pattern baldness, change in sex drive, anxiety, depression and pain or inflammation at the injection site. Males may experience enlargement of the breasts. In women this may cause menstrual irregularities, hoarseness, deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, increased facial hair growth, acne or thinning of hair. .  Get Your
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Bovine testosterone

bovine testosterone


bovine testosteronebovine testosteronebovine testosteronebovine testosteronebovine testosterone