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In this cohort of men with prostate cancer managed with AS or WW this study demonstrated 6 months of Pomi-T  demonstrated highly statistically significant short term favourable effect on the percentage rise in PSA compared to placebo. It was well tolerated without any significant adverse effects or concomitant drug interactions and resulted in significantly more men remaining on AS or WW avoiding the toxicities and expense of medical interventions. No change in testosterone levels occurred in men taking Pomi-T and disease seen on MRI correlated with PSA dynamics.

Many people these days complain of fatty liver, as can be seen from the various mails received in this column. There should be no reason for such complaints when our body is a magnificiently engineered self-healing organ which can do all healing and repair work for virtually any health condition as long as one supplies nutritious diet to the body and engages himself seriously in some form of physical exercise. Has any one seriously thought about the reasons for their falling victim to such serious health problems. ?. A little knowledge about the working of our body will bring in some sort of an awareness in one and help him to take delicate care of his body. When our body is considered as a magnificently engineered self- healing organ, that does all healing and repair work, it is all the more necessary that one knows as to what the great work our body is doing to stay fit and fine all the 24 ><7 hours.

Cure testosterone boldenone

cure testosterone boldenone


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