Eq only cycle gains

Unfortunately for those with small children, the quality of your sleep does suffer when it is interrupted. The key here is to eliminate all the interruptions that are under your control. If you have loud neighbors, wear earplugs to bed. If your mother likes to call at all hours of the night, make certain you silence your ringer before you go to bed. If you had to wake up extra early in the morning, make sure your alarm clock is back on its regular time when you go to bed. Don't drink too much water in the evening to avoid a bathroom trip in the middle of the night. If your partner snores…. Well, you get the idea. If you think hard enough, there are lots of little things you can do to eliminate unnecessary interruptions to your sleep.

I have wondered if the solution might be in part a non-uniform distribution of charge throughout galaxies, with the center being strongly positive charged (for instance), the innermost portion that follows the Newtonian gravity curve being neutrally charged, and the outer portion of the galaxy might be gradually more negatively charged (for instance) as you get farther from the center. Sort of like an atom but on a galaxy-wide scale. I think this would produce a similar rotational velocity to what is observed because then both the force of gravity and the electromagnetic force would be acting inward on the visible matter, causing a faster rotation of the outer portion of the galaxy. Has this possibility been discussed in scientific literature?

So the current approaches of getting increasingly large SNP samples will not pass the GCTA ceiling. Polygenic scores based on large SNP samples modeled additively are what is available in 2015, and in practice are nowhere near the GCTA ceiling; hence, the state of the art is well below the outlined maximum IQ gains. Probably at some point whole-genomes will become cost-effective compared to SNPs, improvements be made in modeling interactions, and potentially much better polygenic scores will become available approaching the of heritability; but not yet.

Eq only cycle gains

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