Eq paladin only weapons

This is the best set you can get as a paladin. But you have to wait until level 150 to be able to wear all the pieces. Once you rach level 250 you can start thinking on buying or crafting a Umbral Master Bow It can only be wielded properly by paladin of level 250 or higher. Attack: 6 two-handed Range: 7 Range Hit: 5 Weight: oz. Created in patch: Distance skill: +3 Umbral Master Bow , wich is really expensive and hard to get.

The EverQuest universe is divided into more than five hundred zones. [22] These zones represent a wide variety of geographical features, including plains, oceans, cities, deserts, and other planes of existence. One of the most popular zones in the game is the Plane of Knowledge, one of the few zones in which all races and classes can coexist harmoniously without interference. The Plane of Knowledge is also home to portals to many other zones, including portals to other planes and to the outskirts of nearly every starting city.

22 Delay Najena ?? ?? ?? Barbed Leather Whip ?? ?? 7 Damage 28 Delay Najena Bonecrusher Those that have dual wield ?? Bixie Stinger Piercing ?? 1 Damage East and West Commonlands Bixies ?? ?? Blue Two Handed Hammer 1H Blunt Lighting (from time to time) 17 Damage 50 Delay Najena ?? ?? Evil race quest Bone Bladed Claymore 2H Slashing -8 Agility 17 Damage 45 Delay Befallen the final ShadowKnight ?? ?? Cerrated Bone Dirk ?? Encompassing Darkness 9 Damage 26 Delay Lower Guk froglok assassin ?? ?? Crookstinger ?? Weak Poison 4 Damage 21 Delay Lesser Faydark named Wasp ?? ?? Crysknife Piercing ?? 4 Damage 21 Delay PAW necromancer ?? ?? Dagger of Marnek ?? +3 Intelligence +15 Mana 3 Damage 30 Delay Befallen ?? Necromancer only (for fighting purposes) Monk quest If this weapon is carried in the throwing weapon slot you get the intell/mana benefits Dark Reaver ?? Strenth Tapping 20 Damage 42 Delay ?? ?? Shadowknight only ?? Executioner's Axe 2H Slashing Haste Effect 25 Damage 50 Delay ?? ?? ?? ?? Fiery Avenger 2H Slashing Inferno Shock 35 Damage 45 Delay ?? ?? ?? ?? Ghoulbane ?? Dismiss Undead ?? Upper Guk Froglock Lord Paladin only Gigantic Zweihander 2H Slashing ?? 18 Damage 39 Delay Everfrost Karg Icebear ?? ?? Glowing Wooden Crook 2H Blunt 11 Damage 35 Delay Oasis of Marr Lockjaw Cannot be used by mage types ?? Opal Scythe 2H Slashing Strength Tapping Disease Cloud 11 Damage 45 Delay South Karana Lord Grimrot Warrior and Shadowknight Only ?? Polished Granite Tomahawk 1H Slashing Occasional Beserker Strength +18 Strength

Eq paladin only weapons

eq paladin only weapons


eq paladin only weaponseq paladin only weaponseq paladin only weaponseq paladin only weaponseq paladin only weapons