Equipoise lethargy

More than 23 million people in the . age 12 or over need treatment for substance abuse. Unfortunately, only about 10% of this population receives treatment. About 30% of people in substance-abuse treatment facilities are under the age of 30. Successful treatment for addiction often includes a combination of behavioral and pharmacological interventions. Treatment works best when tailored to the individual's unique substance problem and situation. Detoxification ("detox") is the first step in addiction treatment. Certain medications may be used to ease the process and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

This citta-vrtti (mind spin/bias), characterized by specific recurring thought patterns and activities, is both the result of our past programs and patterns of conditioning, which limit our experience of the Primordial Now awareness, and also the source of future citta-vrtti (until that cycle of citta-vrtti is broken). Therefore, it is the vrtti (with its concomitant samskaras, kleshas, vasana, and karma), which is the operating principles of avidya (unawareness or limited awareness), which in turn are the causal constituents of the spiritual disconnect/discontinuity. These afflictive operating mechanisms (vrtta) must be identified and released. Authentic yoga practice in turn cancels out, annuls, and releases (nirodha) these vrtti, not by ignoring them, but by recognizing them as-they-are. Once they are recognized, they can be released into the clear light of awareness. When they are so released (vairagya), then the self luminous love of samadhi can shine through without obstruction. When we have this realization we are thus enabled to reconnect -- reuniting eternal spirit with our embodiment -- as a manifestation of living love in the present, thence it is said that we abide in our own true self nature (swarupa). Thus yoga is defined as the process which removes the vrtti while the corpus of yoga are the processes and applications of the techniques (sadhana) which attenuate and releases (nirodha) the acquired component stains upon pure consciousness (cit), thus allowing a balance, harmony, and synchronicity to occur between our consciousness and our actual state of being or rather the unitive state of pure consciousness, pure beingness, and pure bliss co-arise (sat-cit-ananda). Then yoga is clearly known as the process that brings us back into our natural true state (swarupa).

Equipoise lethargy

equipoise lethargy