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Often, a child whose parents are overweight or obese will also be overweight or obese. Although this is often caused by shared unhealthy eating habits in the household, it has been suggested that there may be a genetic (inherited) predisposition towards being, although this is as yet unproven and research is ongoing. Many children become slightly overweight because of their body's growth pattern. Some pediatricians may still classify this as childhood obesity. Recent studies have shown that while there is evidence of in vitro influences on food choice, perhaps the largest influence can occur during the toddler years.  Indeed, recent studies have shown that parents influence an estimated 72% of what and how much their children eat on a daily basis.

ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (Michel Gondry, US, 2004) THEMES: MEMORY; MEMORY LOSS; DREAMS; LOVE RELATIONSHIPS. Murray Bowen, a pioneer of couples therapy, defied convention by purposely stopping couples from talking to each other during sessions. To accomplish this he would engage one partner in long dialogues while the other was reduced to silent observation. Why? Bowen thought that this would provide an opportunity for the observer to witness their partner in a better light. Engaged in conversation with a relative stranger, he or she would assume a fresher face, in fact a manner reminiscent of the person to whom the observing partner was so attracted in the first place. Accretions of negative experience in relationships have a way of obliterating happier memories of what used to be. Or so it seems.

Equipoise massage therapy

equipoise massage therapy


equipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapyequipoise massage therapy