Hcg shots for men

Think that's bad? There's more. When you get an HCG shot from anyone other than a licensed physician, you don't know what you're really being injected with. The FDA does not approve over-the-counter use of HCG, meaning that the ingredients are not regulated—and any shots or serums sold online are offered illegally. The FDA does allow physicians to administer HCG injections for off-label uses, but giving it to a patient definitely enters into an ethically murky area as FDA labeling for approved HCG products requires the following statement:

A little bit of initial water retention is normal for some people at the beginning of this type of diet, but is typically a non issue after the first 3 or 4 days. Another possible scenario would be a change in existing medications or the introduction of a new medication that wasn’t disclosed. However, if she was truly following the diet, I don’t see how she could put on FAT while only consuming 500-800 calories/day. To do this right, you have to track EVERYTHING (myfitnesspal is a great app), otherwise it is a guessing game.

Hcg shots for men

hcg shots for men


hcg shots for menhcg shots for menhcg shots for menhcg shots for menhcg shots for men