How to stimulate testosterone naturally

Even when not coupled with "touching", sounds can be highly sexually arousing. Commercial erotic material (mainly produced for the male market) uses such sounds extensively. As early as the 1920s and 30s, several genres of singers turned to "low moans" for erotic effect. Vaudeville Jazz singers often incorporated sex sounds into the narrative of the lyrics. Even contemporary music such as Prince 's "Orgasm" or Marvin Gaye 's " You Sure Love to Ball " includes sounds of the female orgasm. [33] Research has shown music to be an auditory sexual stimulant. In one mood induction study, exposure to certain music resulted in significantly greater penile tumescence and subjective sexual arousal for men. [34] In a similar experiment, women did not show significant physiological responses to certain types of music but did reported higher levels of sexual arousal. [35] Further studies have looked at the connection between auditory stimulation and the experience of sexual pleasure. Whilst the highest levels of physiological and subjective arousal were found for visual stimuli, spoken-text was found to elicit sexual arousal in men implicating sounds a means for sexual stimulation. [36]

Most often, hearing loss sneaks up on you. Suddenly one day, you notice that you no longer hear the humming of the refrigerator or the birds' singing.

On average, it takes 10 years for people with hearing loss to finally do something about it. Many people are simply waiting for the hearing problem to go away. This rarely happens.

Untreated hearing loss affects your quality of life, but it also affects the brain's ability to remember common everyday sounds because the hearing channels are no longer effectively used.

When the hearing nerves lose their function and no longer channel sound signals to the brain, the brain 'forgets' the sounds over time and becomes unable to understand them.

  • The Kidneys are located in the very center of the sole of your foot. This coincides with the acupuncture point Kidney 1 (Yongquan - 'Bubbling Spring' ). The anatomical location of Kidney 1 is in the depression between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals, just posterior to the the first phalangeal joint. Massaging this point is very beneficial for grounding someone's energy out of their head, for symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, or insomnia. This point is also the main point where Earth Yin energy enters the human body and EMF (electro-magnetic field) radiation Yang energy is discharged back in to the ground. This point is also very powerful for fertility and longevity.

    How to stimulate testosterone naturally

    how to stimulate testosterone naturally


    how to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturally