How to tell if your low on testosterone

Hi Robin I bumped into your site while searching relief for my dry tickling and hacking cough. I am simply thankful to you for putting up search a resource for everyone. I have two little ones and I am definitely trying the Tuina massage and the homemade cough syrup. I may not make the cough drop recipe. Having a nutrition background academically, I studied that Honey is a wonder drug in its natural state. It belongs to the complex carbohydrate group and has a separate pathway of absorption in the body due to which it can be given to even diabetics. However, once you warm the honey, cook it or boil it, honey looses it natural state and turns into simple sugars like glucose (simple carbohydrate). Based on that, I think we may loose the healing potential of honey should we heat it. Correct me if i am wrong. Thanks again for your website.

As promised, I’m getting back to you about my results after trying doa for just over a month. Unfortunately, it has not resolved my biggest complaint which is the ugly swollen tummy. I guess I was hoping for miracle results in that department. Although it didn’t “cure” me overnight, I have noticed some definite inmprovements in the way I feel. First I tried eating anything I wanted with the doa. It stopped the feeling like My stomach would explode after every meal, although I still felt bloated and a bit foggy. I must let you know though that my brain fog is much, much milder with the dao before each food intake. The following week I went back to my regular regime, of probiotics, and eating a limited diet according to my extreme food intolerances and allergies. My tummy is not flat yet by any means, which is sad for me, but the swelling is down by at least 40-50%. This makes me happy because I can wear my clothes, and go for a dinner or BBQ with friends without feeling scared that my clothes will no longer fit me due to swelling, if I eat with them. My tummy still swells a bit, but it doesn’t put up a dress size like it used to. This in itself is a huge enhancement in my life. It is wonderful and it’s very exciting. I’ve also noticed that my constipation issues are different. I can’t say that they’re better, because I go from regular to the runs every other day or so, but I can tell you that it feels better than not being able to go at all. I am also very happy about that.
I have also noticed that I no longer wake up with a dibilitating stomach ache every morning. I now have a very mild pain in my tummy, and once I take my florastor probiotics, it gets milder and then is gone after about 20 mins. This is compared to one to two hours of suffering and not being able to get anything down every morning for the last 4 years or so. So dao wasn’t a miracle pill for me, but it has definitely made some improvement in my life.
After working to heal my gut with little to no results for the past 9 months, my naturopath supported my descision to try dao, this has also given her a new direction to look at. She is getting some tests done this week to see if any of my other organs are compromised.
I read somewhere that it is important to change up digestive enzymes every few day or few weeks to prevent oneself from developing allergies to them. This worries me a bit, because I’ve tried other digestive enzymes in the past and never seen results like I have with this Dao stuff. I hope I do not develope an intolerance or allergy to it because that would suck.
Thank you for posting that enzyme page, I will take a look and investigate some more.
I hope this post will give someone considering this supplement some insight into how it works. I also want to thank you again for your blog.

How to tell if your low on testosterone

how to tell if your low on testosterone


how to tell if your low on testosteronehow to tell if your low on testosteronehow to tell if your low on testosteronehow to tell if your low on testosteronehow to tell if your low on testosterone