If i have low testosterone

Hi, are you feeling better? I hope so but if not, have them check you for Pheochromocytoma (tumor on adrenals) They test your catecholemines (norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine) in 24 hr urine test (not just the blood draw) Also, have they checked for both thyroid antibodies? Peridoxidase AND Thyroyglobulin, they often don’t check for the second one. (Hashimoto’s)
Do you have higher calcium levels? I believe that may mean a tumor on your thyroid but I don’t know what test, they use for that one. Most of these tests won’t show up on a regular blood test, doctors only seem to do a few standard tests and then rush you along, it’s frustrating.

Hi. I’ve been having low blood pressure for a couple months now. But not only that. I have dizziness, palpitations, anxiety, headaches etc. I’ve been with many doctors and everything seem well. My doctor check my hormones level it was good not perimenoupase. The cardiologist toll me to it more salt but it not helping. He gave me midodrine and it raises my dialostic instead of the systolic 108/88. I think that maybe is adrenal fatigue because of all symptoms I have since 11 months now. But all my labs are good. What can I do? ?

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If i have low testosterone

if i have low testosterone


if i have low testosteroneif i have low testosteroneif i have low testosteroneif i have low testosteroneif i have low testosterone