Low t centers

I am covered under Senior Dimensions–I’ve have been on total SSDI for 11 yrs. I would like to off narcotic meds–I am 58 yrs old..my insurance only covers 3-5 days detox and feel I need a inpatient rehab..it costs $30 a wk. for outpatient which my no means is affordable..my main concern is meds that need to be tapered off & cannot find a doctor who is willing to do this even with insurance, a response with any info. will be greatly appreciated..seems I’m falling through the cracks of help for indigents and being underinsured…

A 12 step recovery program is at your service, here at Recovery House of Central Florida. This faith-based, peer driven rehab center is aiming to build a supportive environment, where everyone plays a role in their fellow’s recovery. Moreover, the program has the services, like individual and group counseling, addiction education, relapse prevention, case management, and twelve step recovery groups. Also, we are building on effective social skills through education, job skills, and vocational training. Our aim is to build a healthy and constructive community. 

Low t centers

low t centers


low t centerslow t centerslow t centerslow t centerslow t centers