Low t symptons

Hi I have been exhausted for months, I work for a GP and also have a metal heart valve which means taking warfarin which seems to get blamed for most of my health worries, anyway he was on holiday and i saw the Locum, he tested not just my FBC but ferritin too, my Hb was 10 and my ferritin level is !no wonder I’m so exhausted, when I’m not working I’m sleeping, on iron therapy now but locum wants to look further at causes.
My advice is – its sometimes better to have a fresh perspective as my GP and boss had obviously become a little complacent and not given my earlier results the attention they deserved (in his defecnce he does has 1000s of patients and is generally a great GP) and assumed that the problem revolves around my warfarin therapy for my metal heart valve.

Low t symptons

low t symptons


low t symptonslow t symptonslow t symptonslow t symptonslow t symptons