Low testostorone

Research shows little evidence of abnormal or unhealthy psychological changes in men receiving supervised testosterone therapy to treat their low T, according to a study in the journal Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management. However, mental and physical risks are involved in self-administration of artificial testosterone. Anyone abusing synthetic testosterone, also known as anabolic steroids, may experience episodes of aggressive or violent behavior, along with physical side effects. Bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone who seeks to build muscle mass or achieve other benefits from artificial testosterone should be aware of these risks.

I purchased this SFP in an effort to sidestep a cookie cutter prep diet that clearly wasn’t working for me. What was particularly helpful were the protocols themselves. I chose to supplement with yohimbine and L-tyrosine. I found this sufficient and had dropped the clen recommended to me. I found I didn’t need any clen and was suspicious of it. My progress was so amazing my coaches asked me if I was taking something! My first figure competition I placed 6th of 18 women in Master’s category. I was bloated from all the diuretics. After taking things into my own hands, following your protocols, I competed again and placed 5th in the Open class A (no diuretics, no clen, no bs diet). Some say I should’ve been 4th, but it was obvious the winners were on some gear. Either way, I’m glad I picked up your book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning how a fat cell functions and how and why it’s not so easy burning fat lol Ordering the Protein book today.

I am suffering from Psoriasis and presenly on SILICIA 30 TDS. My symptoms are dry skin and white scales eruptions all over the skin patches over arms legs thighs elboows etc. skin on thighs has developed cracks with lot of pain and feel very have started putting off the fans itself. itching is more in the night after two after taking bath and applying oil etc all over the body after one hr or so white scales of dry skin erupt all over the body. My doctor tried tellrium 30 assuming it ring was better with phytum 200 last wk. i respond to graphite mezerum
I will be highly obliged if you can suggest your line of treatment based on my symptoms.
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Low testostorone

low testostorone


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