Natural male testosterone booster

Prior to this study, competition and aggression were believed to be the natural boosters of testosterone levels, but now researchers may begin to examine the sex hormone’s roll in the male body. "By focusing so much on the role of testosterone in aggression and competition, we have missed out on the importance of testosterone in a variety of other tasks," said Trumble, reports ABC Science . For Tsimane men in Bolivia, environment plays a bigger role in hormone behavior because they have a lifestyle that requires them to cultivate their own food. The spikes in testosterone levels enhance muscle performance, which improves their ability to cut trees and get food for their families.

MacaActive Benefits:

  • Improves in men, erectile tissue response.
  • Increases in men, semen volume and sperm count production.
  • Enhances overall energy.
  • Induces testosterone production to both men and women to boost libido and sex drive.
  • Maca is a non-toxic energetic, hormonal nourishing herb with no downside effects.
Enhances Sexual activity and Performance:

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Natural male testosterone booster

natural male testosterone booster


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