Natural remedies for low t

Aphrodisiacs are any kind of food drink or eatable products that can improve the sexual desire in a person. According to Ayurveda, the ancient healthcare system of India, the "Shukra Dhatu" or Semen is 7th Dhatu in the body. There are 7 Dhatu's – Ras, Rakt, Maans, Med, Asthi, majja, Shukra. For quality semen production and healthy functionality of reproductive system, it is very important to have healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. The diet can be supported with natural herbs like Asparagus, Tribulus, Wild Yams, Museli along with simple food items like milk, sugar, purified cow ghee ( Butter oil ), dry fruits etc.

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Natural remedies for low t

natural remedies for low t


natural remedies for low tnatural remedies for low tnatural remedies for low tnatural remedies for low tnatural remedies for low t