Natural ways to build testosterone

I am a type 2 diabetic who just read at 575 blood sugar....eeeeks is right
The nestle coconut creamer in my coffee spikes my sugar over 500 just a fyi
Thank you for all of the tips I have found lemon water or cucumber ice water to help
also start adding fresh garlic to your meats and pepper no other salts or stuff and it helps too. The green tea works and being japanese I found the fresh green tea virses tea bag is much quicker in lowering the blood sugar.
I lost 50 pounds and thot that was enuff to ignore my levels...boy was I wrong
I have had 17 surgeries so don't have much activity til I got that sure motivated me to get my hind end off the couch and start walking. even jogging laying down in the hot tub anything!!!
I am 51 and thot I was dying didn't know what to say to the kids, started getting rid of stuff and downsizing which was a good thing....
all because I quit checking my blood sugar and had ended up in dangerous waters.....
I feel more alive now and a lot less depressed or worried that I am dying...altho I could have if my blood sugar went up any higher....
So just cuz you lose weight does not mean your diabetis willnecessarily disappear!!!!

10. Don’t be an astronaut. Not to kill any childhood dreams, but because of those hours and hours of weightlessness and low-calcium diets, astronauts often suffer from space-induced osteoporosis. Space- anything sounds kind of awesome, but space bones definitely aren’t: astronauts can lose up to 1% to 2% of their bone mass per month on a mission! For those who simply must visit the moon, there is a possible solution: two studies have found that vitamin K can help build back astronauts’ lost bone — more than calcium and vitamin D .

Natural ways to build testosterone

natural ways to build testosterone


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