Remedy for low testosterone

Hi, I knew that taking 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar works for too much of calcium deposits in your bones. My blood sugar level is high usually in the morning. I was at last night before bedtime. I took 1,1/2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with one tsp of Stevia in 8 oz of hot water this morning. My left shoulder was very tight and now I can move it better. I checked my blood sugar and, wow, it's at . I feel much better! I eat about 5 fruits a day also I'm taking 500 mg of Meliform 3 time a day. So by taking apple cider vinegar, this should help me get off the meds or will it stay with me always?
It was this year around X-Mas that I was diagnosed with diabetes. My doctor gave me mg of Glyburide twice a day. It took me from 22 down to in the morning and at noon, it was and in the evening at supper would go down to 6. I was working at the time and I started to get all these side effects - I counted 27 side effects. Plus it made me gain weight and I gained about 10 lbs. I had a hard time losing it. I'm a very natural cure person and believe that I can cure this diabetes and stay off meds for life through natural treatments. I just turned 53. I stay at home now but I work around the house and outside and try to keep busy. My husband is also diabetic. He takes 850 mg pill twice daily. Is there any recipe using apple cider vinegar that I can make to keep me on track. - Johanne

The key issue that is not addressed by the ADA or other conventional medical group dealing with diabetes is that the drugs are only biochemical band-aids and some of the drugs actually shorten life expectancy ( click here ). There is one fundamental truth that is rarely explained to the patient: type 2 diabetes in almost every case is a disease caused by diet and lifestyle. The focus should be on using diet, lifestyle, and natural medicine to achieve ideal blood glucose control and metabolic targets, as well as reducing the risk of the complications of diabetes by focusing on the following four areas:
* Providing optimal nutrient status
* Reducing after-meal elevations in blood glucose levels
* Improving insulin function and sensitivity
* Preventing nutritional and oxidative stress

There’s something else I’ve been using that has helped me a lot. I’ve updated the article with this information too, but it’s a really good magnesium supplement powder that you mix with water to make a drink with. I was having really painful muscle cramps and spasms in the arches of my feet and they stopped when I started drinking this. In the summer I drink it cold, in the winter I mix it with warm water and drink it like tea to warm me up. It comes in several organic flavors and is sweetened only with organic stevia… and they’ve done it just right, the stevia taste isn’t overpowering. It’s called Natural Vitality Natural Calm .

Remedy for low testosterone

remedy for low testosterone


remedy for low testosteroneremedy for low testosteroneremedy for low testosteroneremedy for low testosteroneremedy for low testosterone