Siemens eq 8 300 kaufen

It’s truly rewarding to have your feet pampered with cosy slippers as you grudgingly tumble out of bed, and make yourself the beverage you wish to be served skipping steps 1 and 2. However, there are those who do have the luxury of a pretty French maid to do their morning servings. For everyone else, there’s the fully automatic Siemens Coffee Machine. This contraption is not only resourceful, but also very swanky in look and feel. Finished in exquisite brushed stainless steel, the offers a brilliant blue TFT display. It adds an aromaIntense feature that enhances the taste. To ensure that you do not wake up completely from a roaring machine, the superSilent sound design operates the machine at an almost soundless level. Other exciting features include a sensoFlow System and Intelligent Heating Technology to ensure that a constant heat is maintained through the entire brewing process, brewing speed adjustment, reduced bitterness, cup size selections for milk, milk froth and hotwater, one-touch brewing and the Siemens CreamCleaner to make sure your coffee-making is hygenic.

The comes as an addition to a line of sophisticated coffee makers including the Siemens coffee centre and Siemens macchiatoPlus bean to cup espresso machine. There’s no word on the price of the but it is most likely going to cost you as much as the aforementioned pretty French maid would.

Siemens eq 8 300 kaufen

siemens eq 8 300 kaufen


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