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      Hydratron manufactures a comprehensive range of Air Driven Gas Boosters capable of developing Gas pressures up to 21,000psi (1448bar). Their compact size, minimal weight and ability to operate in many environments gives them a broad appeal in a wide range of duties, including mobile, fixed and offshore installations. Hydratron’s Gas Booster pumps are designed to boost bottled or constant supply gases such as air, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen*, methane* and many other Gases up to higher pressures. They can be used for pressure testing or for pre-charging accumulators and down hole tools. 

      It might sounds soothing to start your day with a hot shower, but a freezing cold one will increase alertness and give you a powerful burst of energy, according to a report in Medical Daily . The blast of cold water will increase your rate of breathing in response to the shock, and your oxygen intake, heart rate and blood flow will all increase as your body works to keep itself warm. All of these physiological actions work elevate your mood and increase your energy. Here are more good reasons you should take a cold shower in the morning.


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