Too little testosterone

9. Smoking .  We all know smoking is bad for you, but if you've never quit given them up, keep in mind that they will likely reduce your semen volume as well. One study looked at fertile men and grouped them into non, mild, medium and heavy smokers.  What is interesting is that hormone levels (testosterone, LH and FSH) as well sperm motility (mobility) and density did not differ significantly among the groups.  The one characteristic that did differ was semen volume, which decreased with increasing levels of smoking. [9]

Now, how does this lead to shyness or a love of parties?  Well, imagine the extravert and the introvert both getting drunk, taking off their clothes, and dancing buck naked on a restaurant table. The next morning, the extravert will ask you what happened (and where are his clothes). When you tell him, he’ll laugh and start making arrangements to have another party. The introvert, on the other hand, will remember every mortifying moment of his humiliation, and may never come out of his room again. (I’m very introverted, and again I can vouch to a lot of this experientially! Perhaps some of you extraverts can tell me if he describes your experiences well, too -- assuming, of course, that you can remember you experiences!)

Too little testosterone

too little testosterone


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