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And finally, perhaps the most fundamental question of all: Even if female athletes with hyperandrogenism do have a unique and significant performance advantage, is it automatically unfair? At the end of the day, Karkazis believes that question is a social and cultural one. “It really is an open question about whether or not something is fair or unfair, leaving aside the science of it,” she said. “The science could still say there’s a link between [testosterone] and performance and we could still say, and that’s fine, it shouldn’t be understood as unfair.”

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I’ve just taken a book out of the library called Testosterone- the Secret Female Hormone by Dr Kathy C Maupin of the USA; I’ve found much of the info very useful, although she pretty much only recommends testosterone pellet implants. I’m thinking of buying a copy and lending it to my GP!
I was prescribed testosterone for exhaustion/. in South Africa – via injection – and it hugely improved my energy levels, controlled my pain, improved my skin and mood, etc. Then I came over to the UK and found it was banned for use by women. Fortunately I’d brought a few ampoules with me, but the docs were very reluctant to inject it, until I told them that if they didn’t, I would find a syringe from a druggie and use that 🙂 I was referred to an endocrinologist who said he would prescribe Testogel for me but I’d have to work out the – minimal – dosage myself as he didn’t prescribe it for women usually. I’ve found that about 2 or 3 drops works for me; I don’t measure it too carefully, and on the days I use too big a blob, I feel much better! I’ve had no side effects that I know of : no voice deepening, no hair growth. But there’s a problem – last time I needed a repeat, I was told that it is no longer licensed because ‘one woman died of a heart attack while using it’. Well, I did think that perhaps she was going to have one anyway, and that it might help thousands of women but harm just a few, so now we all have to suffer because someone was unlucky. I managed to get my GP to prescribe it ‘privately’ which means I now have to pay for it at the pharmacy. I imagine this is the same for all testosterone for women, or do you know of any that’s still licensed for our use on NHS?

Women testosterone

women testosterone


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