Young male low testosterone

Do you think depression’s affected your, your self confidence?   Oh yeah definitely. Definitely. I wouldn’t say shy, but and, in turn I wouldn’t say I was ever really that outgoing, but I wasn’t afraid of meeting new people, I wasn’t afraid of letting you know, to be heard and to stand out, and you know to stand up for myself. If I didn’t necessarily agree with something I would’ve immediately said, “Well, you know I don’t agree with that,” and, you know and argued my point, and now I’m, I feel a bit like a doormat, since I’ve had the depression and I just feel like I’m being walked over and used, and even though I’m aware of other people’s behaviour and how I’m being treated, I haven’t necessarily got the confidence to stand up for myself anymore. And I just, I feel quite vulnerable. I think depression does make me feel quite vulnerable, and you know I’m quite low.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the stats that show the impact that structural inequality has had on Black men and boys in America. We have also embedded documents that allow you to explore in detail the outcomes for young Black men in this country, including a compelling report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation that emphasizes the connection between early childhood literacy and dropout rates, a look at the achievement gaps between Black and white public school students from the Department of Education and a summary report from the newly created African American Male Achievement Task Force in the Oakland Unified School District.

Young male low testosterone

young male low testosterone


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